‘Our family is deeply grateful for the financial support from Sporting Footprints to enable our daughter, Elan, to begin a new therapy called Anat Baniel method. Elan has Angelman Syndrome and with this beautiful gift from Sporting Footprints, our dream of seeing her walk one day can become more possible. Thank you so very much for believing in Elan and supporting our journey.’

The Bansal family


‘Our daughter Holly was born with complex medical needs and diagnosed with a life limiting illness at an early age which changed our lives drastically, especially as my husband and I became full time carers to Holly. Holly needed us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week but the one thing that remained important to us through it all was that we wanted Holly to live a fulfilled family life and enjoy experiences as much as she could for however long we had together. Sporting Footprints granted us money for a family day out away from hospitals and appointments and we had an amazing day all together which also gave Hollys siblings Ruby and Josh a welcome break and a chance to create precious memories. We are so grateful to Sporting Footprints for the invaluable support they gave us and the support they provide to families like ours.’

The Smallman family


‘We would like to thank Sporting Footprints for contributing to our daughter’s specialist wheelchair. This was a bespoke piece of equipment which has brought many benefits and undoubtedly contributed to her over all quality of life. Thank you Sporting Footprints for giving her the opportunity to do the best she is able, we are truly grateful.’

The Murray family


‘We are so grateful to Sporting Footprints for donating towards Toby’s eye gaze equipment. It is amazing to see Toby play computer games just like his cousins, read a story like other 9 year olds and improve his education and communication all by using just his eyes.’

The Dobson family

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