How we’ve helped

With the money raised from our various events and challenges we have been lucky enough to be able to assist families with some very worthwhile and diverse causes.

Sporting Footprints has given funding towards a specialist wheelchair for a little girl that has cerebral palsy and multiple seizures a day and needs to be as comfortable as possible due to the fact she spends large amounts of time in her chair. We have been able to fund music therapy lessons, family days out, sensory equipment, special dry suits so that children with a Hickman line can still enjoy swimming and a box of toys and crafts sent to a little boy who was spending most of his young life in hospital was a very welcome distraction for him.

Having a sense of independence is important for a disabled child and Sporting Footprints were so pleased to donate a special head switch gear attachment for a wheelchair that enabled one young boy to become much more independently mobile and less reliant on assistance to move around.

Angelman syndrome is a neuro-developmental disorder that effects the nervous system and can cause severe physical and intellectual disability. Happily, we were able to fund some therapy sessions for one little girl and are pleased to report that her parents have informed us she has made great improvements in her mobility and strength and continues to make great progress.

A very sad reality for the families that Sporting Footprints and Sebastian’s Action Trust support is that some children, unfortunately, succumb to their illness or disability and gain their angel wings. Sporting Footprints has helped to fund the peaceful remembrance garden at The Bluebells and also funded remembrance boxes and books for families to keep precious memories in.